Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wake up / Dream on

In this world full of confused and mixed-up signals, 
one of the most commonly-heard phrases to motivate people is 'Wake up'.
Similarly, the next commonly-used phrase to inspire people is 'Dream on'. 

Ain't that a juxtapose? 

And what if you were in a dream that seemed so real one day, that you have to grasp a faint strand of sanity in your mind to wake you up?
Or what if you are too awake and busy that you lose your dream in the midst of it all?
What is a dream and what is reality if the lines keep crossing?

This graphic piece is a reminder to keep both essences of the dream and the waking-up to a balance.

Just like how the words seem to blend into the background colors, sometimes all you need to do is to work a little bit harder to grab the message you need in order to get to where you want to go.

So as you peer and squint your eyes to read this poster, 
may you wake up.... to dream on.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

your blood tastes sweet

Check out the awesome blood work Huyen did on my face.
I'd initially wanted to be the Black Swan. Then I didn't get my costume. So I said I'll be a fairy. With a flowery headdress and white lacey dress. At least that's something right?

Then I went for dinner with the awesome Halls Cluster people!
These people are always so friendly and funny and they've really been a big help to settling down in LU. (Halls Cluster is like CG here, small groups of people together)
Aww, gonna miss them even though it's just been a short while.
They're just so genuine and are so on fire for God, it's amazing. Esp when the culture here makes it harder to be a fervent Christian.
Really learnt a lot from them- just by hanging out with them!
Can't wait to share with you much more church adventures when I'm back in SG!

So yes, after dinner we went to Tesco and bought cheap ice cream to binge. Stayed in Chris' room til I forgot I was supposed to meet the girls for the Halloween party!
Rushed back home but didn't have time to change so I just put my flower headband on.

Yup. From Black Swan to Fairy to a girl with a flower headband. Hahaha what a costume.
But seeing all my classmates so dressed up, I got in the mood too and so that's how my scary blood make-up came about. It actually looks pretty real up close!
I came home after the party and my house mates got a shock. Muahaha. 

Great Wednesday night!
Now it's back to doing my project because my presentation is on Friday. *freaks out*
Wish me luck, guys! Xx