Friday, August 24, 2012

Leather, lace and everything nice.

My faux leather vest is wilting away. :(
Time to buy a new one? Hohoho.

But even in this weather, I was perspiring like mad because of this vest. Singapore weather is hot like whoooo. But at least now that I've been through one of the toughest heatwaves, going to other countries' summer will be like a breeze~
Super excited to go overseas, even if its just a 7 weeks study trip, but carpe that diem and make the most out of it!
Travelling is as addictive as shopping.
Now I'm planning what to do with my salary (yes, before I even graduate) (yes, before I even start working full-time again)
Lol. I've always wondered what it would be like to just travel around like a nomad. But I don't think I can ever do that cos I'll be running home after 3 months. No place like home.
Still planning to go to Greece, New Zealand and hopefully New York for some project to improve my skills and then South Africa for humanitarian works and swim with the whale sharks!

I'll be the biggest customer in my own travel company hahaha.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I've been to detention way too many times.

White collared top? Check.
Skirt shorts? Check.
High socks? Check.
Shoelaced shoes? Check.

A little twist on a school uniform. 
Yeah I'd prolly get expelled if I went back to my secondary sch.

One thing I really like about studying in NAFA is its gooood location!
If I ever want to shop (which is like most of the time) then I can get a good bargain in Bugis Street. And if I'm ever hungry (which is like all the time) then I just need to cross the street for great food!
No wonder I'm growing rounder..... :O
 Take it from me, kids. Growing older does affect your metabolism.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kwerkee Quirks!

How COOL are these vintage book wall clocks?!
Makes me wish I owned all my fave book titles to mount them on every wall in my house.
Random but creative finds like these make my day. If I weren't on such a tight budget now, I'd definitely buy 'em! 
Because we should always share the good stuff in life..
Do check out this Kwerkee website for awesome buys like this!
That web is gonna leave you drooling for random beautiful things you might not need but want anyway. Getting email updates from them makes me excited to see the latest innovative products on sale.
Yup, had to clean up my drool a couple of times while surfing that site. Hehe.

Enjoy shopping & have a good week!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I want to know Your Heart

So I'm still alive! 
I've just been wrapped up in a giant bubble of blessings, friends, design, lectures, debates, presentations and movies for the past 2 weeks. And I'm not kidding about the movies part. I've watched 3 movies in a span of 2 days with my cg people hahaha. Its nice to relax and unwind after being brain-dead from the school projects. And hanging out with friends makes life so much more colorful!
Gone are the days where I like being a hermit. 
The only time where I really appreciate being alone to think is the travel journeys to and fro. 
Public transport has been creating delays recently like never b4, so my most productive brainstorms and ideas come from standing in a crowded train for 35 mins with no where to look but at somebody's shirt. 
Drives me crazy if I don't have my music/sketchbook with me. Ah wells. 
I still love you, Singapore! :)

P.S. I just realized that I dress differently when I'm going to work and sch. It's super casual at sch but at work it ends up looking formal or like I'm going for a dinner party. Lol. Will snap some sch outfit shots soon to show you what I mean!
P.P.S. I really need a new camera because everything I shoot on my Sony Compact is coming out super blur. But with my overseas sch trip + Samsung SIII phone + Mac Book pro laptop that I need to buy soon, a new camera is last on the list. Sorry you'll have to bear with my grainy and blurry pics for a while.. 

Have a gr8 week, lovelies!   

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I don't need a ring

Pics from Bona Drag
Garnet Evol Ring
Two Pearl Ring
Hex Ring

Gone are the days when a girl will swoon over a huge diamond ring. Give me a simple but beautiful ring like this and I may say 'Yes'.
On other related news, I'm constantly worried that I attract no eligible guy but every time my mom tries to match-make me, I run for my life in sheer horror.
Perhaps I just like the idea of being married but am actually a coward when it comes to real commitment. I really can't have the guy get bored of me eventually and I really can't think of that many jokes to keep him interested.
Thus ends my random and brooding entry of relationships. I know I sound so dreary over here but I promise I'm a little more optimistic in reality.
You've got to understand I just finished watching a korean drama (Secret Garden omg) and am feeling the way girls do after such shows: A mixture of hope and a little tug of truth that says those romantic gestures only exist in films.