Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Who, when being loved, is poor?'

Hey guys, it's been a while.
How have you been?
Things have just been crazy ever since I flew back to Singapore.
Assessment for context 1, 10 days Supercamp, and more madness will go on until 2013.

I'm really glad for a short 2 months break in UK where I got to reflect and re-focus my priorities in life once again, before coming back to hectic sg.
So much has happened in just these 2 months, it makes my UK tip seem like 3 years ago. Haha.

So many thoughts running through my mind..

But I'm just happy to go to bed knowing I've given my 100% for the day, knowing that as I go to bed and rest, that God is working on that 100% effort I've sown and turn it into a 200% harvest.

Finances is turning out to be a huge stone weighing my heart down but thank God for bringing us this far. And I know You will always take care of us as we honor & put You first.
Money is horrible, sometimes. Or rather, the lack of?
(sometimes I wish I was living in a simple countryside farm where surviving on our own cows and chickens are the main way to live. yeah, just sometimes)

And then I chanced upon this quote by Oscar Wilde: 'Who, when being loved, is poor?'
Which I can totally agree on, esp since I now know what it's like to be not so well-to-do lol.
I am so blessed with friends who love me and am constantly encouraging inspiring me.
Just as they are always there for me, I hope they know I will always be there for them too.

So even as I'm riding on this storm in life now, I know I can get through this and at the end of the day still sleep with a smile on my face.. Because of love.
Though my material possesions (some studded clothes and a few boots, is all) may not be much, I feel like the richest & luckiest girl alive now.
Thank you for your love that builds me up, my family & friends.
Thank You for Your unconditional love that keeps me going on.

Your love is my fuel.