Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time ticks on....


credits: vogue italia, vogue spain, stolen girlfriends club

I'm into sheer and white and lacey at the moment. And pant suits! So want to shop but it's a constant battle between travel or shopping. Or yes, actually saving money. 

I've been saying that I want to get married at the age of 21 since I was like 17? 
But of course I'm just joking with my friends around me. I don't think it's realistic, esp when I've been living like a nun since God knows when.
Okay that was a joke. I can't be a nun cos I love wearing crazy and revealing clothes.
Again, that was another joke. The only revealing thing about my clothes is the big hole at the top for your head to go through. Potato sack? You know it.
Now what was I talking about before we were talking about my sex appeal (or lack of)?

Oh right. Marriage. 
I've always wanted to get married young because you get to grow with the person and learn and live together, how nice would that be huh?
Yet all too soon, reality comes crashing in like waves of cold sea water on a stormy day.
I'm turning 21. Already. Before you know it, I'll have grey hair.
But the strange thing is, I'm not rushing with the urge to merge. 
I'm content in a place where I am now and if I do get together with someone then all the better to share my happiness with him. 
So yes,
I'm chasing dreams, not diamond rings. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boom shakalaka

Tweed on tweed day. They weren't a matched set but I saw the blazer in my room and the pants in my mom's and just paired them up. Tweed matchmake in heaven. The photos were taken when my hair was still red but now it's back to brown again :(

And omg can't get enough of this! TOP like a boss (Y)

I don't normally do celebrity crushes but WOW. FANTASTIC BABY.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Alberto Seveso does magic once again. I have no idea how he captures ink + water so sharply. And look at how the swirls of different colors envelope each other. Wow.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dip-dye 2

Sometimes I wonder if life is so funny, then shouldn't there be more people laughing?
Or maybe they are all busy thinking about how funny life is
that they forget to laugh.

What we all need in this world is a sense of humour. 
That, and more Reese's peanut butter cups.

(Re-dip dyed my hair red again, this time a little brighter than the first.
It looks so vivid in the pictures but in real life..
It's getting duller with every shower I take.
Kinda wish I need not shower so much now
but it's either bright red hair or
smelling like my dog)

Pantone Dessert

How cool are these bread spreads all categorized into Pantone color charts!
So tempted to make them for our 21st party... if I can still remember to do this in like 7 months' time hahaha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I got bitten bad. By the travel bug. Is there a name for this sickness? Travelitis?
One of the only occupational hazards of my job is this wanderlust flu and I had to go and get it.

My only cure in mind?
To go to all these beautiful countries soon! Hahaha

Top of the list:

NEW YORK: What dreams are made of. My dreams anyway. If yours are filled with Mummies then go to Egypt where the magnificent pyramids are~ New York is the place for inspiration, lotsa carbs, art enrichment and some thrift shopping for sure. I should time it with NYFW to see all the fashion in action!
(I could go on and on about NY but it pretty much speaks for itself so shall not bore you with my words)

GREECE: Blue crystal waters, white sand, quaint houses, picnics by random waterholes, and mythological legends? There's just something about the mountains in Greece and all it's exoticness.. What's not to like!

MONTENEGRO: Part of the Balkans region (yes Balkans is an actual word haha), Montenegro still looks like an old historic medieval town with all its history too. I love the fact that its not over-crowded with tourists yet because they are now busy with places like Paris and all. Can't wait to go an a biking adventure next time! I'm working with a company now where you sail and sleep in a ship and bike around the country and cover more grounds to sightsee an experience their lives! Wooow.  

And the strange thing about this whole travelling dream is that I don't mind going alone! Like if I can't find a buddy to tour with me then I'm all up for going alone and making new friends on the trip. Where's Felicia and what have you done to her?!
 Haha seriously, it would be a whole level of adventure just going alone. Plus I'm feeling real independent so I think I can handle it. ;)
BUT of course it'll be even more fun and awesome if I had my friends with me to make all these memories!
If I'd unknowingly passed you this travel bug too.... then yay let's go on a holiday together!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo diary of Cebu & Bohol

Pictures speak a thousand word so I hope you will enjoy the few-thousand word essay in this post.
Bohol is somewhere you should go for the gr8 marine life + island hopping!
Needless to say I had the best time with my mom, 2 friendly tour guides, some starfishes, and a school of dolphins. 
Gonna go back to dive soon! 


Did these paint doodles when inspiration struck!
Planning on doing a whole series of 'em based on different themes and storyline.

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