Thursday, May 26, 2011


A tough guy.
On the outside.
But melts your heart;
Such a sweet spot,
for his little girl.
A classic bad boy who's a softie inside.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

to be or not..





These are little stuff that I do in my little spare pockets of time- besides daydreaming and coloring my notebook pages with bucket lists and shopping lists and human anatomy. Seriously, I've been fascinated by people's eyes and lips recently. Sorry if you caught me staring at yours. I'm not a pervert, really. I just like looking at people's different-shaped eyes and lips and marvel at how a tiny tilt of a 5 degree slant makes one look asian while the other looks caucasian. It's really like an art. God's such an imaginative artist! (Y)
I could just stare all day (esp at good looking people but there is work to be done and food to be eaten and shows to be watched so...) Right, where was I?

Ah, recently I read from a book that said to write down the 5 things you love and then you can see a clearer picture of a career that you'll enjoy the most. Here goes:
1) Design (typography, futuristic lines and lights)
2) Music (husky voices, jazzy beats, a little Paramore in the mix)
3) Photography
4) Fashion
5) Mushrooms and potatoes.

Heh, I can be doing posters and design collaterals based on inspiration from good music and good photography with fashionable people/models included in the mix while cooking a dish of mushrooms and potatoes yum yum.
Now, if only I can write this on my portfolio AND get hired.

Friday, May 20, 2011

When words fail you,

say it in llama!
Haha totally cute web that makes what you type into a llamafied version.

I love finding (not so practical) but interesting sites like this.
The web is such a big fun place filled with llama love and a whole lotta lovin' for other weird stuff. So since I like them, does that mean I'm weird too? Yeah okay I'm weird but I'm happy being weird in my little cave of mac book pro. Will post up more cool stuff I've found soon! Xo

If I'm talking funny here, it's my sleep causing it. Or rather, the lack of.
Right, back to dreaming in my humid room on my flowered bed~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now we will arise;

Remedy when I feel discouraged- look at what makes you happy and look around at the people who smile when they see you even if they have no reason to. It always looks and feels bad from where we look at it because we are in that pit.. but once we get out of it, we will actually see that it was only really a shallow pool of tears and pity.
Stand tall, don't fall back down.

On a side note I wanna get my hair cut/colored/twisted/knotted/layered/curlier/bleached dead/shaved/with a cherry on top/anything else that one can do with her hair. I have some ideas to either do a dip-dye of bleach where it's the hair gradient effect thing or just bleach a big streak of my hair with like pink or just bun my mess of a hair into 4 fishball looking things and walk around singing 'Born this way'.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Barbara Streisand- Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

It's alive

credit: oh-so-coco

So what's this new thing that's like a picture but it moves. Like harry potter portraits? And this ain't video either. It's this thing called Cinemagraphs that a woman named Jaime has been doing. Very clever. Very brilliant.
Time for some experiments!