Monday, May 26, 2014

For every day

I was fortunate to see;
The painter getting up before dawn, 
dipping his huge brush into the palette of morning 
to blend out the darkness of midnight,
to paint a fresh masterpiece that day.

(pic taken in Cappadocia, dawn)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

That magical moment

I like the feeling that I get, just before I get out from bed in the morning.

So I'm still semi-sleeping, and my eyes are still closed even though my brain has been switched on. 
I can see the sunlight through my closed lids.
I like the feeling that just before opening my eyes-
Anything can happen. All the possibilities of the day.
Who I'll meet, who I'll talk to, what I'll see. I can still dream..
Maybe I'll meet a special friend for lunch, maybe I'll bump into Sun & PK, maybe I'll get a call from a creative agency and be flown off to Hollywood, maybe I'll meet the guy of my dreams, maybe I'll save a life.. maybe, just maybe.

Then I open my eyes and take a deep breath and live the dream.

See, anything can happen.
You'll never know, that's the beauty of it.

Just before we open our eyes to start the day..

Monday, May 19, 2014

(Repost) Intermission: 60 mins

What i really want now,
is to have a picnic with You.

I'd wear my prettiest dress, and You just have to be there.
It'll be at a garden with lovely trees filled with shades of green, brown and yellow leaves.
Wild flowers will spring forth in abandon, dotting the ground with their little white petals.
My bare feet will crush the grass and leaves on the ground, joining in the sound of rustling leaves on the trees.
The strong old trees that shelter us, making me feel so safe.
No one will be here except for You and me, no one to interrupt. 
We can finally be alone.
Oh, to just forget the cares of the crazy world. To just spend time with You without being distracted.

I would bring some food, though I know You can bring the best food or make anything I feel like eating.
I would bring some juice, though I know You can grow the apples and make juice in no time.
I would want to bring, but You provide. You always provide.
When will I see that all You want is for me to bring is simply myself?
We would sit together on the soft ground, on a red picnic mat and a picnic basket next to us filled to the brim with food.
We'd talk.
I ask you questions about my life and You answering me in the way that you do. They may never be the full answers I want to hear but they are the right answers I need to hear. 

Then we'll just talk. Me, about my day. Even though You already knew what happened, You still stay and hear because You know that I just need someone to pour out all my worries and troubles and happiness and emotions to. Then You will reply, sometimes with words so wise that I do not see what it means.
We'd talk, how I love talking to You, and somehow the food and my hunger will lay forgotten.
Because You are all that i need.

And when I start to get tired, we'll just lay on the grass bed. 
I'll be smiling, I'll be contented. I never want to leave You. To leave such peace, such calm. Such love.
But You say that now that I'm well-rested, I should get back on and share the joy with others. Keeping and holding it all to myself would be too selfish. Keep loving, like how I love you.

And so the intermission ends, and the audience scurries back to their seats as the light dims.
The curtains begin to open and I take a deep breath as I walk up the stage.
My life is Your song, Your masterpiece.
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ears.

safe embrace

i long to look on the face of the one that i love,
long to stay in your presence,
it's where i belong.

nothing else matters..