Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the run

Credit: Jeremy Campbell site. Click pics for a bigger look.

Check out the collection of shoes here! Also, buy 'em from NastyGal if you're keen and have about a few hundred bucks to spare, you lucky thing.
I'm loving the weave loafers!
Also platform heels/boots are making waves in the fashion world , though its rather risky to try wearing them in SG because you might
1) get arrested for looking like a prostitute in clementi
2) get arrested for looking like a prostitute anyway
3) be called 'sleazy' on online forum STOMP
4) get a billion stares on the train home
5) step on a poor guy's feet while squeezing in a train
6) get talked out of wearing it by my mom

There are some limitations of how fashion can be explored here.
Sometimes I choose to wear something different but then get all self-conscious because I do not want to be talked about on STOMP and so I go and change into something more... reasonable.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010



When my dad saw this, he kept laughing. And laughing. And laughing.
I hope this picture finds you joyous but even if it did not, i hope the colors will make you laugh and laugh like my dad.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nonsensical conclusions that float in like ZZZZZZZZ

So here I am at 1am wearing a facial sheet mask to be productive and save time while doing some photoshop stuff and not sleeping so early so as to catch as much time as I possibly can. Kids, I'm teaching you the wrong things.
Anyways obviously the mask won't work.

Yeah I'm sure you do. Pardon the caps, just had to make a point there.
But just in case you really don't know why and I've put you in a state of puzzlement..
here's why:

At 1am, the body is supposed to be resting and thus it is the body's natural beauty sleep and at this moment as I am typing this, eye bags are bringing their heavy luggage and moving in under my eyes until they find another place to go.

Now I kinda wished I did something in the writing field because lately I've been having lots to write and say and the only outlet I have is this blog so the people reading this will have to learn how to read just to read my writings. Okay that was a joke albeit a bad joke.
Right, 15 mins is over, time to take my mask off, which concludes this post.

Btw, Marquis is such a good dog today I think I'll reward him with a little white sheet mystical treat. Stop looking at me like that, I'm only doing what I'm taught. Recycle your facial mask, Reuse it as a dog treat, Reduce litter and wastage!
Well done, me.
I can sleep peacefully tonight and I hope Marquis will too. Though a nagging feeling tells me he might throw up or something in the morning due to bad sushi.......... Hm.
Hey mom, am I psychic?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted

Summary (12 marks)
Buying a calculator watch for 5 bucks was one of the best decisions of my life (besides nicking my bro's star-wars tee shirt) because it has helped me to count things that my mind would chase about in circles. Like splitting the dinner bill or converting USD to SGD currencies (ahem, zipia) and basically what every calculator would do but mine is just really accessible right now.
I love Glee, just can't get enough of it. How can anyone? It makes you smile even when your heart is breaking, defy some gravity and to not stop believing, of course. Or how good was the Lady Gaga episode- someone make a Michael Jackson tribute soon please.
But one of the best things are the marvelous people around me. How blessed am I ever since God placed them in my life! Natasha stayed over once (and I hope for more) and Shirleen who craps along with me and my lamest jokes while going high without coke.
Not to mention the people who are always there like Hyings and Xoxo and Cassy and Celia and though I did not say your name; you know you're in my heart from the word 'hello'.
Yes that's how easily I'll give my heart to you (provided you're not a creep) but keeping it is a different thing and thank God for friends who choose to keep and protect and cherish it.

But above all, I want to thank God for God (is that possible???) for showing me what love is.
'Cors the gr8est of all is love.
Everyone wants a slice of the love pie. Yum.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Your eyes, your eyes.

I was looking out at the night sky last night and it was breathtakingly beautiful.
Like I literally gasped when I saw the moon with the clouds over the backdrop of bright twinkling stars. I was just telling God how nice it would be to let everyone see and marvel at the sight I'm beholding now then bam, an idea hit me in the head.
Note: this is when you know that you've spent way too much time with Photoshop then with your friends.

This is sort of how God paints out our night skies. Or life in that matter?
First up, create a new document to whatever size your night sky is. Eg if you're looking out through a window then perhaps a 720 x 576? Or if you're looking at a big piece of sky from an open area (like me) then go for a size like 1024 x 576. Or any other numbers, really.

Then God will take the pen tool and depending on the moon shape, take a few quick strokes and tadah- you have a moon! For me, it was three clicks on the mouse using a pen tool to form a crescent moon. Okay for the moon, He clicks on blending options and checks outer glow. Change glow light to yellowish tint and pull spread further to about 20?

Okay next is the background, God creates a new layer and fills in with a navy blue color for the background. He adds in a gradient overlay too to make the end of the night sky tinge with a hint of light blue.

Lastly, the stars. Everybody's starry eyed!
God placed 3 bright twinkling stars for me to make my wish on.
How did He know I needed 3 wishes that night is beyond me.. But then again, He knows my every thoughts!
Of course it differs on how many stars God will put for you but do enjoy them as they shine and remind you to shine on as well :)

And so God saves the psd file under NightSky_Fel.psd and He'll save yours according to your name as well. Creative God we have, yes?

***Take-away dinner is not the same as a home cooked meal filled with love, is it not? No matter, it's take-away dinner for me tonight but no sulking 'cors I have much to be thankful for like a mommy who takes care of me and a hardworking daddy! Feminine mom and a macho dad hohoho. I don't need money I just need you guys in my life! Okay wait... maybe I do need some money :$

Monday, July 12, 2010

If I could write you a song to make you fall in love

I love this song! Something about his raspy voice, the chill tempo of the song and the rap that sounded a bit weird.

It's even better when you see Kyle Hanagami dance to it ;) what a talented genius where does he get his moves and good looks from?!?!?
Life's not fair but you know what they say;
All's fair in love and war
faint heart never won fair lady.
I'm not making sense, am I?

Thought so.

Enjoy :*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lazy sunday :B

Sunday saw me lazing on the bed til afternoon, then me proceeding to laze on the couch, then eating lunch and lazing there too before washing up to go to jurong west. Read on before you call me a sloth! Rushed down to make it by 5pm but, alas, it was slightly over 5 after I reached. Had a mini panic attack but realized I could still drop what I had to drop. Met up with jyings to edit a video and it started well.. with us doing our own things freely (facebook, tumblrs and shopping sites) while trying to find ways to send stuff to each others' mac. But as time ticked away, so did our patience and things suddenly got serious. Very serious. It was cut 'this' and cut 'that' over and over. Like digital video hairdressers! To end the story short, Sunday saw us parting ways at a bus stop as we were both too nauseous and it was only time before someone threw up their taco balls first. I still love you, jyings, and don't worry you don't owe me anything because it's what I like doing so thank YOU for giving me a chance to do it!
Well, hope all your sundays were as (or more) productive than mine (if not, I shall call you a sloth!) &
Cheers to a good monday!


The world needs to use more smiley faces

#29491 discovery of 2010:
My love language
smiley faces.
I beam on the inside when I see a smiley face. Any kind. The cute kind, the cool kind, the never-seen-before-in-my-life kind works wonders too.


More Mcqueen

photo credits: nitrolicious

Some pictures of the Alexander Mcqueen Cruise 2011 collection was recently out and Sarah Burton (creative director of Alexander Mcqueen's label now) designed it!
What do you think of it?

I think the difference now is that you can see yourself or celebrities (besides Lady Gaga) wearing this collection. The design and cuts are good. Interesting details and patterns too.
But is it just me or is does this preview look a little.. tame?