Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tough shell

Spiked cap: Peninfashion / Red leather strap watch: Bugis ($5!!) / Maxi dress: Oakham Market 

Been into mixing styles lately. 
Like, this soft flowy dusty pink dress and blue feathers to make me feel like I should really be in the middle of a flower field instead of my cold work place. 
But then throw on the red leather watch and a spiked cap and the look becomes less dreamy and more.. what's that word.. edgy? 

I am a personal fan of studs and spikes but BALANCE is the key, some wise man said.
Whilst I have the urge to throw on every studded clothing on myself and go out, I try to hold myself back as much as possible or risk looking like an angry metal kid.

But this pic was taken a week ago so pardon my swollen eyes. :( 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Work hard, party harder

Cross jeans: London / Necklace & Flower Cluch: New Look / Cat-eye shades: Cotton On

Of course the term 'work hard' is kinda subjective. 
I like to give myself a pat on the back after I've fought and wrestled with digital monsters of Dreamweaver troubleshooting on a Saturday. Yes, a Saturday. I miss the times where weekends were solely for sleeping and watching tv and going to church.
 Working hard also means searching very hard to find inspiration- online or in print. (read: spending hours on Tumblr & Pinterest & Twitter & Blogs while drinking sweet drinks in hope of a sudden Eureka! moment that will light up a very dull light bulb in my head now.)

So I guess you can tell that my 'party harder' is open to interpretation too.
While some peers like to hit the dance floor at night and drink stuff that makes you  feel very hot, my idea of 'partying' is.. well okay, since you asked. 
Going to watch videos online with a whole pile of food surrounding me and then dancing around my dog in my newest dress and then find some more food to eat. 

Okay off to find more food for my happening party tonight! 
Stay safe, peaches. Xx

P.S. Yes I throw on this jeans whenever I have no idea what to wear because they can pretty much get away with anything. I'm not kidding about the very dull light bulb in my head. Zilch inspiration now. :(

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: Final words

A year of new things. A year of great memories.

Just because I like making lists... Here goes:

The many Firsts in 2012:

  • Had the Paveway advertorial that I designed published on magazines
  • Got my first ever name cards!  

  • Took my mom off to Philippines for a semi-work trip. We enjoyed ourselves so much!

  • Went to Shanghai alone for a work conference and met some amazing people there. Learnt so much about the travel industry too

  • Worked in the day (10-6pm) and did a video through the night (8-4am), slept for only 3 hours everyday. Was a zombie at work but thank God for the grace and strength to still be productive. It was totally worth the sleepless nights though, because.....
  • The Limitless video was shown to Pastor Kong and it was then shown to the church!!! First time seeing it on such a big screen, broadcasted to such a wide audience
  • Saw Jayesslee at Heart Of God church!
  • My first time overseas (UK!) for so long + staying alone. Had the time of my life with my friends.
  • Went to London, Paris, Notthingham, Loughborough, Liverpool
  • Ate scotch eggs + steak kidney pie (English traditions)
  • Had my 21st birthday in Loughborough where my kind classmates had an English tea party~
  • Saw 2 falling/shooting stars!
  • Went to a goose fair
  • Celebrated Halloween with toffee apples & all!

  • Went for a 10 Days long camp (Supercamp) and led a group of teenagers for 7 days. Had my own personal breakthrough there as well
  • Rock-climbed to the top

  • Performed at W Hotel with Style Effex Crew for Cisco's D&D!

  • Did a Flash Mob with the awesome zone people

  • Completed my 8,000 words thesis paper. I can move on to a book now
  • (I know there were many exciting things happening in 2012 that I just can't recall now because I'm too excited for the new year lol)
And just to list some to-dos for next year to motivate myself,

My ever-growing bucket list for 2013:
  • Sky dive
  • Go for another mission trip!
  • Learn the ukelele
  • Write new songs & finish the other uncompleted ones!!!
  • Attend a dance class overseas
  • Make a travel video
Ultimately, to just stay hungry & curious in all that I do. 

I'm choosing to love life and go to bed happy every night, and I hope you'd choose to too!