Monday, April 30, 2012

Life, captured


1) White Satin Bustier inspired  by weddings lol
2) What kind of day and life do you want?
3)  Taking some time out for Relationship & Discipleship this year!
4) Hard @ work
5) My new gold-accented purchases! 
6) Body-chain necklace thingy I'd made a long time ago but only got to wear it now
7)  Trusty pink boots fell apart after taking this final photo :(
8) Rings and my new cute friends :3 
9) Some Salsa music to get you into the dancing mood! From one of my fave dance shows, Dirty Dancing 2.

'Won't you give our love a chance, or do you only wanna dance?' 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


looking at these pics make me want to invest in a better camera for better photographs.
staying in on a saturday is therapy for my soul... indulging in korean series dramas, hazelnut chocolates and fruit juices overload. gonna go out for dinner now b4 my body officially merges with the couch. 
think pirates and the caribbean and those old sailors becoming part of the ship.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home is where You are

Every once in a while I retreat back into my own cave for reflection and rest.
Inspiration doesn't come so easily as I'd like it to- and does anyone notice that it is the hardest to come by during crunch time?

This Shanghai trip was a good chance to use my time alone to breathe.
Yeah it was a work trip and it made me feel sleepier day after day but I had fun meeting new people & learning new things!
Plus, the hotel room was like one big cave of comfy goodness. I mean, TV in front of a bathtub?!? A whole big soft bed with thick duvet?! Felt so pampered that I never wanted to leave.

It also gave me time to read this beyond amazing book called 'The Shack'.
I felt like I had my own shack experience in Shanghai where I couldn't escape (and I wouldn't escape anyway lol). One sentence that struck me the most was 'learning to live life loved.'

You will only live life like a princess if you know you're a princess. You'll live life like the situation you know you are in. And so many a times, even though we know we are loved.. but why is it so hard to live like it?
Do we live with a simple trust and faith that if we are loved, then nothing can hold us down for long because love will trump all other misery eventually.
Or do we live in fear or guilt because of things in the past that we worry we are never good enough or not loved enough?

Such a simple concept but it took time for me to digest it.

Let's learn to live life loved!

Okay abrupt change- on to my picture travel diary from Shanghai ;)

Kinda feels like I travelled 5 hours on a flight to reach a chinese version of Singapore haha. No wonder I felt comfortable there.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Stumbled upon theee coolest ombre stockings one day.
Possible DIY? Very possibly. 
Time + Dye + Stockings = A curious experiment.
(If I ever get round to doing it, I shall show you!)

However if you're hard-pressed for time, you can still buy 'em here.  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'She's just a girl'

Can you imagine what its like to stay away from your phone for 2 hours just to focus on your work- only to find 16 text messages and several other whatsapp messages after?
Apparently, my phone attracts a big part of stress into my life. Which is pretty true lol. Whenever I stare at my phone now, I can only heave a little sigh.
But then again I'd get lonely and uneasy if my phone stops ringing..... Okay okay can't complain.
So when I start to feel all the tension clouding up my head, I take a deep breath and listen to great songs online. Music really has a way to soothe your soul and transport you into a world where you are flying for 4 mins. The latest favorite of mine is this video right here.
Loving The Civil Wars even more after this fun rendition of Billie Jean. Enjoy! 

gif credit: kristin b

Don't ever forget it.
Have a gr8 week ahead! Xo