Sunday, May 30, 2010

the plaid married the chains and how did the two connector rings come about? oh that's right, flower ring for plaid and LOVE ring for chains.



This is what is would be like if there were a 4th main character in Harry Potter's books collection.
Haha such a killjoy, that Kenny.
It would have been soo soo different if Kenny was really included in the series lol

Saturday, May 29, 2010

alexander wang

Credits: theselby

His office looks a tad bit like his clothes.. Modern, minimal with style and edge mixed in.
What an interesting man.
If i could, all my basics would be from his collection.

Monday, May 24, 2010

money money money is so funney

THE RAVEN - 720 HD from THE RAVEN FILM on Vimeo.

Isn't it so amazing?
The colors, the vfx, the elements of sci-fi etc.
Here's something that'll make your eyes pop-
it's done on a 5K budget.

I guess now people can't say that low budget is the reason for bad films eh?
Singapore, let's step our game up!
Okay who am I to talk?
I only know this much about shooting but hey, if I'm gonna make a short film, I'm making a good one.
I've already got an idea in my head!
Doing the planning & storyline & random location hunts now.
After I'm done with the dreaming, I'll rope all my talented friends to help make that dream a reality!

P.S okay it's harder than I thought. cors I just remembered all the shootings we had in sch for projs and they pretty much blew.
No matter!
Don't let your past achievements hold you back from unleashing your potential- becasue that's what potential is- an unused power/strength!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I no longer have that fear.
Or that shame.
It's not my fault something like that happened and now I am no longer held captived by it.
It answered a whole lot of questions about myself and my ability to open up.
Tonight is a brand new night, a brand new night for the rest of my life indeed.
Thank You.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Photo log

See that bit of metal necklace with a big cross and string of pearls plus random pendants? I found it somewhere in my room and it was what Jyings and I made back in like, sec 2? We wanted to sell them online but it never really worked out.. But one door closes and another opens. She's successful with Soule now, that's right and what am I doing? Oh yeah, trying to set up an online store. It's harder than it looks man. Is it the web html code thingy or is it just me? Okay no, don't answer that. But really, how hard can it be? Yeah no, don't answer that too. Well I ain't complaining, after all I'm learning and getting to do stuff I like daily so I guess all's fair in love and war. Been missing my daily fix of the office for some time now. Jim and Pam! The only two sane people in the office haha. Oh Michael Scott. Speaking of weird, I had a sudden brainwave to take out my long boho skirt and cut it into something more wearable. Then I wanted to take a pic of it and so I climbed onto my bed and started posing. Horrible. Idea: Someone should make the mac's photobooth come with a tripod. Gonna watch Where the Wild Things Are online soon! And lastly, Marc Johns. One word: Like like like his drawings

Huh, you can tell I'm in a chatty mood? Funny, I never noticed.
Haha til' next time ;)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Pillows (Good Feeling) from Chris Crutchfield on Vimeo.

"April 3, 2010 was worldwide pillow fight day! I got word of it the day before and decided to try out a new idea I had, along with some new camera gear. So I present to you... Pillows..

Pillows was shot on a Canon T2i using just the kit 18-55 lens (turned out better than I'd imagined) and audio was captured using the Zoom H4N. All the post production was done in Final Cut Studio and After Effects. Most of it was shot in 1080/24p but the slow motion sequences were shot in 720/60p and conformed via Cinema Tools to 24p.

Thanks to my friends over at Red Giant this got some nice color grading using the Magic Bullet Suite and some Trapcode effects were used in the intro sequence.

Thanks to Los Angeles for being a crazy enough city to actually host something like this.

The music is by PrettyLights called "Finally Moving remix"


I was reading about how he did it and it's actually quite simple but this came out so well because of his cr8tivity! Mad props to Chris.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Check it out!
Truly amazing, how do these people do it?!?!
Mix your gaming world with reality and tadah!
Plus it was mostly done in MAYA 'cept for some VFX!
Okay Maya I now see the credit you deserve.
Makes me feel like I've to get off my fat bum and start doing something...

Look at some of his original storyboard here, if you're interested!