Friday, September 30, 2011

True love;

(Downloaded the pretty ink/water picture from Alberto and then played with some scripting of fonts and got too tired so I only did the 'Y' and the 'g'. I like how it looks tho.. Maybe I'll do a series of phrases with more of them ink pictures soon!)

What a week it has been. 
Scary at first but then as I got a chance to reflect on all the events that happened, 
I realized that this week, at the most unlikely places,
was when I saw
True love. 

People search all around,
 the highs and the lows,
through person to person,
to find that magical and elusive feeling of love.

And as much as I had to admit,
so have I.
Always chasing after that fairytale love story
where a prince will sweep me off my feet and there'll be happily ever after.
When I watched movies or read stories,
I would think to myself:
'if only I could have that kind of love as well.' 

But this week,
seeing how my mom fussed over my dad,
seeing my grandma and grandpa spending every moment they can with my dad,
seeing my other set of grandparents come to support too,
seeing my friends texting encouraging words, 
calling me to make sure I'm fine, 
even visiting my dad when its so inconvenient,
makes me sit up and realize.. 
That the true love I was looking for?
That true love I thought only existed in fairytales?

Well, I've found it.
It's been right here all along;
with my family and friends. 
In their smiles and care and kind words.
And I'd never give up this love for anything else in the world.

Thank You, Your love is everything.  

1 Corinthians 13:4

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunny business


Pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy at a day out in the beach with my lovely cell group. Farewell Amos and Matthew. We will miss you!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You're just like a dream

Vogue Spain October

If only October was the month where we all had to wear beautiful gowns for bed, breakfast, lunch, errands, dates and sun-bathing. Yes, practicality is my middle name.

This song; Just like heaven by Katie Melua;
doesn't it make you want to slow dance to it? 
Honestly, music can really take you away and transport you into a place far from your worrisome thoughts.. A place where only sweet instruments and a melodious voice can be heard. With breeze around your body as you sway to the gentle rhythm. 
Mmhm.. just like heaven.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Etc etc.

Collection of misc. photos without much reason:
1) Love my brown vintage sheer flowery shirt! (long description for a shirt) but it does no help in keeping me warm. Oh the things we suffer for vanity.
2) Had a roadtrip to m'sia with my parents one day. Lovely day with lotsa food. And lots of my parents' attention. What middle child syndrome? 
My awesome colorful crochet cardigan does no help in the freezing car too. 
Note: time for more functional clothes, fel.
3) Calling out. We're calling out.. And we are called out too. Some thoughts stuck in my head appear better on paper.
4) Cut out blue dress. 
5) My companion in the car. Meet the reindeer who's been through all my motion-sickness days, my sleepy days, my crampy days, my excited days and basically all the days I've sat in the back with it.
6) BEST BREAKFAST EVER? I must add that it's HEALTHY too! 
Recipe: Almond cereal at the bottom, one scoop dark choc ice scream, one scoop cookies & cream ice cream and one juicy peach to top it off! 
See, it's healthy! Got fruits and almond cereal (fibre) and dark choc (anti-oxidents?) all in one yummy cup! I'll make this for all my guests next time if they have breakfast at my place :D 
(May and Siew Hwee were the first to try it and they are alive now, aren't they!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dip dye-d

Dyeing my hair red does not make me less of a Christian. Dyeing my hair red does not make me love God less, does not make me want to go out there and commit whatever sin you think I might end up doing, does not mean I am setting a bad example to my peers around me, does not mean I am going to end up leaving church and then live as a drugged out party animal, does not even come close to how you think I am straying.
If anything, I'm in love more than ever before. On fire more than I thought I could be again. Holding on to faith even more tightly than I'd ever fought for faith before. Enjoying the Word more and more each day, esp after the wonderful memorable days of SOT.
How would dyeing my hair take away all these and separate me from God and I? If it is truly a sin to color my hair then I will be judged accordingly but I just need you to know that I am fine- better than fine and I would never give up my walk with God for the world no matter how many hair colors I choose to dye my hair in. And in this age that we live in, is my colored hair really going to give christians out there a bad name? Oh God please help me. Wisdom really is the most important thing we need. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

In a few more years, little girl, a few more.

Going to Chinatown one day so I decided to wear something with a memory and more history than I have (one word: vintage). So I found my mom's old white eyelet short-sleeve cardigan, thought it looked pretty conservative, threw on my black leathery looking shorts, also threw away the word conservative with my snake ring, but hopefully redeemed myself with the spectacles. Hmm.. I should consider working in the library. Wouldn't be so bad except I might get fired for reading all the time.. Oh well. Is there a job that pays you to read? Like a book-reader? Or a book-sitter perhaps?

And of course I forgot to look in the mirror b4 heading out so I left one button undone in the middle and only realized it on the train. Mucho embarrassing. Typical me. :(
Don't go thinking I'm an airhead though, I'll have you know I love reading newspapers. *wears specs smugly*
Even if its only the Sundays paper.
And even if my specs have no degree in the lenses.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Favorite 4 letter word?

Fave 4 letter word? It's got to start with a S and ends with A L E. 
Uh-huh a sale~ that's where I got the stuff I was wearing that windy sunday.
Found the flowery snakeskin rain boots with Doreen at Aldo and it was like on a 75% discount?!
Went to a clearance at Robot Ninjas with Jyings and scored this dress for a orangey-red note!
Even my rolling stone & camera rings are from a flea and they both add up to less than 8 bucks?
This is being wise and thrifty with money huh?
My mama would be sososo proud of me :3
Oh wait actually she's not. She'd wish I stop buying anything at all,
sale or no sale. 
But then what else would I wear, mother?

My other fave 4 letter word (I'm allowed to have a few fave words, I'm a girl ;) starts with L and you guessed it, LOVE. Saw this quote a while back and decided to 'write' it on a park bench. 
Vandalism in the digital era, folks.

'So if you're going to fall, fall hard. Fear nothing. If you're going to love, love hard. Hold nothing back.'

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sneak peek

Playing around in AfterEffects after midnight because that's when I think I work the best (such a terrible habit) in an attempt to create some abstract galaxy nebula-looking outerspace for my introduction. To be honest all I wanted was a simple glowing ring of shizzz so I can put some words in the middle but you never quite get what you want, do you. Not especially after you've seen what more it can do. Now I just need some self-control to stop myself from adding any more effects before it starts looking like a whole wonky solar system on its own. 
It's l8 and I think I'd better continue this proj only when I'm a little more awake. Sweet dreams!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Want VS Need

Credits: Solestruck Fall 2011 Lookbook

I saw the lookbook sometime back but only got to sharing them here now. Too many shoes in my desktop folder labelled 'INSP' so I only rmbred to post these pics when I was looking for 'inspiration'. 
And just what inspiration is there in shoes, you ask me?
Why, plenty! 
First, there is the shape.  A slight arc in the heels or how straight the boots are and how they will make your legs look longer/shorter.
Next, there is the material + color. Leopard printed furry or gold plated tips will make you think of overall maintenance and how durable a shoe is. Esp in rainy Singapore.  And if it matches your clothes or will stand out. I find it easier to dress down and let my shoes do the talking. Rather than stress an hour over how my dress don't fit right or how I can't find the right pair of shorts to go with my shirt or how it looks out-of-fashion.
Because a good/pretty shoe will most likely never be out of fashion no matter how old it is. 
You wear a tank top with jeans and throw on a pair of boots and you look biker chic. 
Pair it with heels and you'd be more feminine. 
Pair it with sandals and you're good for the day.
Pair it with hooker heels and you'd get picked up in weird places. 

Shoes can make or break your style.

So at times when I'm feeling lazy or have little time to dress 'cos I was busy before that (procrastinating), I just dress simple and let wear a nicer pair of shoes. I find it so much easier 'cos matching clothes is another level altogether.

Yeah actually there isn't much point to this post except to justify why shoes are such inspiration that they can be filed under my INSP folder and how I should stop going to Solestruck if I want to stop drooling.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Let me tide it over.

Mad respect for this guy called Alberto Seveso (check out his other works here). 
He did 2 projects mixing ink and water and photographed it so beautifully! 
Here's one of 'em.. a lego man catching some waves.  

My mind's as hazy as the blue waves right now all thanks to my wisdom tooth.
(Why is it called wisdom tooth in the first place? Is it cos you have to pay the price of suffering for wisdom?)
So because curiosity got the better of me, I went to google about wisdom teeth and now I really wish I didn't. I see the word 'painful' so many times. Too many times. Plus what if I end up with all those painful infections like dry socket from sneezing after the extractions and what if my dentist didn't give me enough anesthesia and what if I can feel him pulling out my wisdom teeth. 
Omg is that why they call it wisdom teeth, cos it is rooted deep into you like how wisdom is buried deep within a person? 
If that's the case then I hope my dentist works out. So he'll pull out my tooth in a jiffy.

Got a perfect song to encourage everybody..
'At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
*glimmer of light shines down*