Sunday, August 29, 2010


1) Earring! My ear holes have closed for the third time in 19 years so I decided not to risk it. But I felt the earring bug bite me and so I got a fake clip-on earring.
2) Flower in my hair
3) I made a chain ring thing this week. Will put up proper pics of it! I'm so proud of it though, I feel like opening up a store to make and sell more.
4) LOVE ring from f21, pearl and glitter nail polish and a heart-shaped ballon.

credits: Copenhagen street style

Oh boy I'd want to vacation there and ogle at beautifully dressed people and rent a bike and go cruising down with a loaf of fresh bread in the bicycle basket back to the hotel room where I'll order the room service's stew and eat it while watching Home Alone.

Anyway there was an article on the Sunday Times today to get a few people to think of campaigns to get people to date and marry and pro-create more population for Singapore but I think that's a bit extreme. What happened to letting nature take its course? And people will marry eventually when they want, so I don't understand the rush. I know Singapore is facing the aging population problem right now but I don't think this is necessary.
What the government should do is maybe have free movie nights or free wedding packages or free match-making packages for single people and like make dating seem really fun instead of making it into 'date or be all alone, muahaha'
Or if they wanna be creative, they could give newly-weds a free HDB house on condition that they produce a kid within a year.
Me give you home, you give me kid.
Or maybe not.

Still, I really believe that love can't be forced and it shouldn't be rushed.
Let nature flow like a river.. let it flow like the wind..
No need to rush into finding someone just because.
When the time for love comes, it'll come. Don't worry.

Now sign me up for match-making.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

'For a minor reflection' - A moll

Take a listen and watch the visuals.
So calming and mesmerizing.
I haven't even figured out how they did they video,
I'm still enjoying the music.
When your mind gets a bit crazy, this helps clears the head right.

Monday, August 23, 2010


(moniter lizard that hung around our villa in Bintan. even the koi fishes were afraid of him)

Mom: I thought you were going to cut your hair too?
Dad: Yes I wanted to. But then I sat down and saw my hair in the reflection and saw the hairdresser guy's hair was longer than mine and so I didn't want to cut it anymore.

I laughed until my stomach ached. Of course it doesn't help when my 'rents are singing "nobody nobody but chew" randomly through dinner.
These guys..
I wonder what God was thinking when He was choosing my parents. I'm so blessed :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have a story to tell.
I made friends with an elephant in Bintan and I sat on her leg and stroked her face and fed her grass but that's not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is how such a big beautiful creature like her can be tamed by the tiny man. I think I might expand on how size or age or height is not an issue if you have the guts and bravery to go forth and catch your giant beast but now I'm distracted by the sight of marquis biting my clothes. I will try to stop him but God knows he only listens to Daddy or Ezekiel even though I'm supposedly marquis' owner too.
Golly, for once, I proved myself right. Size, age and height don't matter in conquering. Marquis is the living proof.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Watched step up 3 and the dancing was crazy!
Plus it was so inspiring, it made Cass and I wanna dance again!
Go catch it if you can, this is the first dance flick in 3D and the effects are nice so enjoy!

Anyway I was thinking...
I've come up with a birthday wish list even though my birthday is still lightyears away hehe
Material things I can buy them myself (alexander wang!) but this year I want something that can't be bought..
Not quite like you buy me a kitty and I love it/you but more like on 1st Oct, everyone's nice to each other and showing more love by encouraging/smiling/hugging/biting (if you're renee ;)/etc
Like it's the international be nice to and love people day!
We need more days like that.
I just thought about it so the idea's not there yet but something like that.
Or I might just change my mind and ask for alexander wang (I kid, I kid)
You know, the only time I've been gaga over designer thingys was the miu miu bag once?
And that was like 3 years ago I reckon!
But right now I just love alex (yeah we're on a first name basis already) and his designs esp his heels and bag.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It feels good to be alive every day.
I have a tangle of wires around a mirror beside my bed and so I could have fallen off my bed and in a freak accident, end up hurt or dead
but the fact that I'm alive is a miracle in itself.
I should stop testing God and just clear up the mine field also known as my room.
Besides, I've got so much more stuff to thank Him for :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Bintan trip with my family & jyings!
More pics to come; maybe I'll put them on fb.
Have a gr8888 week ahead!


I had a dream last night.
Someone said that when you dream, you're thinking too much.
Someone else said that when you dream of a person, it's that person dreaming of you.

How cool if our dreams could be connected?
Instead of a Skype call, it'll be a 'dream' call.
Like in the dream, I can go to the park with Marquis and we'll share the same marvellous dream and wake up both remembering it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a men's world,

but it would be nothing with women.
Yes, I'm feeling tall (as tall as I can be anyway) and proud to be a female.
While men hunt for animals with spears, women were at home taking care of the children and teaching them how to talk eat walk and dance the rain dance.
Oops perhaps I'm in the wrong era here.

For all you lovely laydees out there,
here's a website slide thing with some good encouragement/advice.

I'm gonna be in touch with my feminine-ness and start cooking lunch and making clothes this hols!
And of course I'm going for a dip in the pool and take photos of everyone, but this has nothing to do with being a female so I shall save this talk for another post.

Kissy kissy killer kitty, play along! :*

Saturday, August 7, 2010

... once again.

It's pointless having so much hope and faith stored up inside of you to only let it slip away by things that seem to just.. not happen.
How many times can a heart get sick until it stops beating?
How many times can you smile just to please people?
How many times can people screw you up to get jaded?
How many times can one lose a dream?

How many times must I get up on my feet, brush the dirt off and start dreaming again?

Today I got reminded of Hope.
An anchor for my soul.
My (dare I say it?) weary soul.
I'm okay, really.
I just need to hope...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You stand by me, now I'm Yours faithfully

People may disappoint you but there's one who won't.
My first love.
What a joy it brought to my weary heart to spend time with my dear friends in a time of festivity and celebration.
It brought
& above all

Your love is higher, higher than the heavens
Your mercies deeper, deeper than the earth
Your grace is wider, wider than the oceans
I will never let you go
Never ever let you go.