Sunday, December 26, 2010

2000 years ago, Baby Jesus was 1 day old...

(Am I crossing the line if I go all goo-goo-ga-ga nanny and say that Jesus must've been a cute baby and I won't mind pinching his cheeks?)

This is me after all the Christmas merry-making.
Red eyes with evidence of my hours of sleep, lying on the couch with a blanket burrowed around me- so much so that my parents both exclaimed their surprise when they saw my 'nest'- and where my sleepy body layeth thee.

But I must not forget to say that whilst I am exhausted, my heart is fit to burst.
I feel so loved this Christmas. So touched by all the small or big gestures my friends show to me.. What did I do to deserve all these?! Love you guys so much!

Spent the first hour of Christmas in Resort world with the 'rents and boy, what a beautiful way to start a beautiful day.
I don't know how people can stay so calm in a place like that because I was just in awe, I kept thinking if I flew to another country with cool breeze and beautiful lightings and gr8 customer service. I kept wanting to smile and take pictures of everything. I would have burst into a joyful song right there and then in front of the misty Universal globe if not for my apparent self-control. Yes I have self-control. Where does it go when I'm shopping??!?!?

Anyhoo hope you are enjoying the holidays and see you soon!
Here's a picture of me taking a picture and then not liking my face so much and thus covering it with florals as an attempt to be hip and kewlio. Obviously not working but it's okay you guys have a MERRY-CHRISTMAS-BOXING-DAY-27TH-28TH-29TH-30TH-31ST-&-HAPPY-NEW-YEAR!

Thursday, December 23, 2010









credits: cherryblossomgirl

Wow. My jaw dropped when I saw these pictures.
The amount of detail to the sequins and embellishments are stunning.
The whole parisian-glitter-walls-magic-carpet thing compliments the whole collection.
The clothes and decorations here are like my secret dream come true. It's almost like a Christmas present.. I'm drooling all over my laptop, it's embarrassing.
No words for Karl except to slow down my fast beating heart.
Chanel does it yet again.

It's Christmas, darling!

So I wore a flora bustier over a black maxi that I cut the sides of, looking a mix of Chinese New Year Qipao and those people who wear corsets. Forgot what they're called.

We went prawning one night and it was fun! Develops your patience and let's you bond over food and murky water and wiggling prawns with giant claws. Brave Xiao mei! Haha let's go back on 1st Jan for that promotion!

Candle light service was beautiful. Blow out the light because now that light shines in you when Jesus came down 2000 years ago on 25th dec!

Pizza hut afterwards where we ate pizza hut! Not making much sense here haha but we played truth or dare! I should stop whipping out my phone to play truth or dare.

Met the girls to go for lunch @ manhattan fish market but b4 that we were lucky enough to catch the free sticky's demonstration and got free candy :D
I like how sticky's is never too sweet.. You can just eat the whole thing in one go!

Family gathering Christmas party thing at night! It was fun catching up with everyone again!
Gr8 family I have here. And oh I have bboy cousins! YES I CAN NOW LEARN HOW TO BREAK DANCE, SUCKERS! I'll wait for my cousin to teach me the proper way b4 I start breaking other things (the lamp or my neck)

So this holiday I've spent the 2 days holed up at home, dancing and singing out the window, messaging people, watching too much tv programs with my parents, ordering food from mac delivery, doing some work that ought to be done, surfed a lot of net, did some christmas stuff, forgot to wash my hair, forgot to sleep, forgot to wash some clothes. Hey, gimme a break, Christmas is coming! Doesn't give me a reason to be lazy, does it? Okay I repent. I shall do some sit-ups then down a tub of ben&jerry's my mom just brought home.

What? Stop looking at me like that.

They're only a tub of mini ben&jerry's *defensive*
And oooh! My mom's colleague just baked her a batch of sugar biscuits!
Om nom nom no- fiiiine I'll go jogging with Marquis tonight.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


How ironic that I'm rather particular about privacy and still I'm on facebook.
I've already minimized my public contact info and still people take that and abuse it.
Must I private my photos and wall post too?!?! Gosh.

How ironic that I'm rather particular about privacy and here I am, blogging my heart out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harry Potter!

(random images from tumblr)

Me: Hey omg harry potter is almost gone from the cinemas let's go watch it i have to watch it b4 it goes away come on shawn there's a 9.20pm show at cck we can go watch it, wanna go watch it???
Shawn: Huh?
Me: Okay let's go!

So it was a pretty last minute decision to watch harry potter one night because realization hit me that the movie was gonna stop playing soon and I was determined to watch it on the big screen so I got Shawn along to watch with me and he so nicely agreed and my dad drove us down to watch.
Later in the movie theatre I was excited that I'm finally watching harry potter and I asked Shawn,

Me: So you watched the other harry potter movies right? Like the 5th and 6th?
Shawn: No..
Me: Oh no, so you don't know the story line of what's gonna happen in the movie??
Shawn: No, but you wanna watch so I just come ah.
Me: *feeling bad* Okay.. Dumbledore died already.

Omg I'm such a bossy sis and Shawn's so awesome brother man. Ezekiel too but he's in army so can't force him to watch chick flicks with me heh.
I liked this new harry potter thing though it was way different from the other movies but growing up is always a change and this movie showed that change!
Can't wait for PART 2!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Just sayin'

Romance went that way, down the dark dripping cave.

Just watched Easy A and I can relate to it in a very odd way?
Which is why I'm probably feeling indignant about the (lack of) romance and chivalry this world has today. Not complaining- before you say I have high expectations- but I kinda wished the world now was like the old days where things were more cherished rather than be so casual online. Letters, flowers, chocolates, love song, jumping down wells together...
Which is why I am not romantically involved now, because then we'd either have to jump wells (you jump, I jump) or jump into the ocean (titanic) and no one wants that, nuh-uh. Haha. Note: that was a joke. But sure, bring your swimsuit just in case ;)

Or maybe it's just me.
I see girls around me in relationships and they are happy!

Although, guys (if there are any dudes reading my blog), a little romance never killed nobody.
And the ladies say amen? Hehe
To end off with a last attempt of being cool and witty, I shall say:

'And that's how Sue, sees it.'

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Forget you- Glee with Gwyneth Paltrow

Such a feel good song, don't ya think?
& so cute that the clean version of this song is 'forget you' haha it doesn't fit but yet makes sense too. I've been humming to this tune ever since I heard it.
I don't particularly enjoy WISP class because I feel like I'm just repeating whatever I've learned from 4 years of literature class in secondary school. 4 years of discrimination essays are enough to make anyone hate discrimination. And writing more discrimination essays, for that matter. Maybe they should let racist people write for 4 years on the topic of racial discrimination and then they'll get over it too. I mean, I guess I know about the world more or less and google is just a click away.. so news is always at our fingertips.
Okay less complaining, more work uh. But this will be one of the only instances where I will use my newfound knowledge to sing:
'WISP, forget youuuuu~ woo woo woooo'