Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Passion shows

Can I give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to see how this animation was done?

First up: Planning is super important, because it starts the timeline and work flow proper. 
Fail to plan and you plan to fail. So true. (Good thing Josh was really detailed in the planning!)
Josh met Din and myself to discuss the storyboard and well, ideas just flowed out naturally and we got what we had today: A video about dreams. Dream to dream. Dream within a dream? Inception! 
Haha okay more like Din-ception. (Get it?)

Din, the super illustrator, sketched out all the works at lightning speed. It was an enormous pressure on him because his drawings will make or break the video (since this is a purely-animation video). I blinked only once and I heard he's done with colouring it. Now that's what I call talent!
Josh then painstakingly cut out the drawings bit by bit, layer by layer. He also sourced for the music and did the layout of the various scenes. As he is the creative director of this video, it was important to have the same  vision so the video will really bring across the message in our hearts accurately. 
Thank God we flowed well and could understand whatever picture we were trying to paint out! 

So I got the files and started animating them. This is the part I dozed off during my work, danced at night and stuck matchsticks around my eyes to keep them open while I animated the video through the night. Rendering, playing with particles, guessing the music timing- my days and nights blurred together. I won't tell you how many hours of sleep I got in total that week of the camp (though you can count on one hand) but because it was a God inspired project, I found the strength and motivation to finish it. 

Truly, when God gives a vision, He will provide the provision and grace you will need to see you through.
Honestly, I would have just crashed and gave up halfway if it weren't for the fire burning in my heart.

I'm so blessed to have this opportunity to be a part of the limitless movement & sharing it with the church, because while I was doing this video, my dreams got revived.
 And that's how this video is able to inspire others to remember their dreams too. 
After all, you can only share what you have experienced for yourself. 

Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope that as you are watching the video, you will dare to go to the deepest part of your heart and pull out that buried dream once more. 
If God has given you a vision, He will give you the provision.
If God is for you, who can be against you?
Take heart, there are no boundaries.
You can't be stopped.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trials and temptations

Is there a term for Murphy's law except that it's not anything that can go bad will go bad.. But more like every time I set my heart on doing something, life just throws another thing to tempt and laugh at me?

You're probably thinking this is about something very serious but actually no, this is where I get all shallow and materialistic. You must understand, some people love gadgets. Some love musical instruments. I.. love shoes. A lot. Don't judge.

 Just a couple of days ago, I had a talk with my dad. A grown-up talk about money and future and jobs and some more money again. Long story short, I agreed to watch my spendings and to save AS MUCH AS FELICIA-LY POSSIBLE because of some situation our family is going through. I got kinda offended at first because I was all 'I don't spend thaaat much!' before I had to eat my words because after serious reflecting, I realize I do spend the most- on food and transport and other basic necessities (I can't walk around naked or barefooted, can I?) (What do you mean I already have 15 other pairs of heels?) (My logic: Better safe than sorry. Buy more just in case the other pairs spoil)
 So anyway, I humbly agreed to shop less (Which means only buying something after asking my dad if I really need it 15 times) and will save all my money because I am a responsible daughter. (Amen.)

The world felt different after knowing that I won't be shopping for now. And I've been able to keep my word about budgeting and saving money so far! *takes a bow*

Until I checked my email today and clicked on the worst email ever.....


Shoes are my weakness and I've basically wanted to own almost every pair of shoes sold at Solestruck and now there's a sale when I'm not supposed to spend anymore!?!?
(This is a moment where I want to laugh 'cause there's a sale and want to cry 'cause there's a sale.)

  It's taking every ounce of will in me to not buy the shoes, no matter how cheap they are now.
My word is my bond. Being financially stable is better than being in debt. Thou shalt not spend anymore on shoes when I have so many already.

But look, it's the Wilma booties by Senso in PINK LEOPARD that I wanted to get since forever.

Available in my size and it's only USD$ 39.95 now?

I.. I.. I can't even.

Dad, I'm not going to buy it. Hope you're proud of me. Please give me a hug tonight.  


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

We can't be stopped.

A word
that sparks
a movement;
a lifestyle
to dream 
b  i  g  g  e  r
w     i     d     e     r
f         e        a       r      l      e      s     s       l       y:

Totally did not know what to expect with this camp at first. 
Year after year I've been attending church camps and yes, they were super fun. And this time I was thinking oh boy, another camp. Maybe I'm getting too old for this. Lol
But after going through the games and the powerful sessions, I can really say that something within me has opened up. That there's something different this time.

I used to be afraid of hoping because every time I think an opportunity is coming up, something else happens and I'm left there. Hope deferred so many times made the heart sick. 
But coming to Limitless camp was like God's constant reminder and assurance of His calling on my life. 
2 years ago, He gave me a vision. A dream so crazy but yet so specific that I knew and I knew in my heart it  is what I'm supposed to do. Fast-forward to the present, after so many ups and downs and lost moments, that dream came back more alive than ever in my heart since Friday night. 
So many people encouraging me on as well- they don't know how their little words of feedback added to the hope in my heart once again. 
I'm gonna stop thinking that I am not good enough to make it. I'm gonna start acting like I can because if I can see it, I can have it.

Had so much fun in camp with not just my old friends but the new friends as well! All sorts of people mashed up together in the Swag team that it was so interesting to find out more about them. Little bits of puzzle pieces here and there to find out how they are like. Plus they are all so uniquely gifted! Proud to be in the same team with them!

Well, shall continue my reflections next time because I'm still very sleepy and unable to form proper sentences zzz
Crazy week it was- Mon to Thurs night: Work til 6pm, dance til 10pm, video til 4am. And the cycle repeats.
But along the way, I learnt so much from the process and it is really God's strength helping me through.
I mean, I'm sure you can see it too.
How else would I have survived my week without breaking down or giving up?!
TYJ for being there with me through it all.
I feel Your pleasure in my hard work.
So grateful to you for reminding me of my purpose and for never giving up on me even as I constantly gave up on myself.
You da best, Lord! :)